Should I Wear a Helmet?

The short answer is: it's your choice. Not only that, helmet-wearing should remain a matter of choice. Arguments rage over whether helmets are a good thing or not — and the "for" arguments aren't as clear cut as you may expect. In fact scientists Ben Goldacre and David Spiegelhalter recently debated the issue and came to the conclusion that "the current uncertainty about any benefit from helmet-wearing or promotion is unlikely to be substantially reduced by further research".

CCC recommends that you take time to review the scientific studies about helmet-wearing before deciding whether to wear one or, perhaps more importantly, encouraging other people to wear one. Some studies show that drivers have a slightly greater risk of head injury than cyclists, while pedestrians have double the risk — should all be wearing a helmet the moment we step out of the house? If you'd like to know more, watch this Ted talk by Mikael Colville Anderson.

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