Picture Attribution

Pictures used on this site

Main background picture. Author unknown
Bike bell on contact page: Lion Bells, author unknown
Giant Bicycle Wheel: Boon Yew Chew, Creative Commons
Bike wheel with red flowers Author Unknown http://wallpaperswide.com
Leather grips, leather saddle Author Umberto Brayj Ubrayj02 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d6/Roadster_handlebars.jpg/1280px-Roadster_handlebars.jpg
Chainwheel Leo Reynolds Pedersen Creative Commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/lwr/199417356/
Cog teeth close up Ian Harvey Creative Commons
Cutaway of coaster brake Rücktrittbremse geschnitten Creative Commons
Triumph bike AndrewDressel Creative Commons
Spoon brake AndrewDressel Creative Commons
Girl on bike passing park Roman Bonnefoy Creative Commons
SAS3X Unknown, Creative Commons
Sturmey Archer gear changer Unknown, Creative Commons
Sturmey Archer logo in chrome Robert Couse-Baker, Creative Commons
Campag gear lever: http://overthebarsinmilwaukee.wordpress.com
Dirty wheel with Sturmey hub: Jonathon Ip http://smutpedaller.blogspot.co.uk
Gold bike: Unknown source http://ebay.com/
Red Raleigh Unknown source http://vintagebikecave.com/
Bike in flood Will Bramhill Creative Commons
Colchester Castle George Gastin
STena Britannica Pymouss44
Colchester Rovers cyclists: Colchester Rovefrs
Re-cycle picture: Re-Cycle
Cycle shop