Objections & Reports

In February 2015, Colchester Cycling Campaign objected to traffic regulation orders covering the toucan crossing on Cymbeline Way/Colne Bank Avenue, and also to substandard cycling provision in Station Way.

CCC planning officer Will Bramhill also objected personally to the removal of pedestrian crossings in Colchester town centre.

This page also includes our historical objection to Colchester's park and ride scheme, which began operation in April 2015. While we support bus priority, this should not be at the expense of cycle infrastructure — which it has been in Colchester's case.

02/2015 Save the Cymbeline Way toucan crossing
02/2015 Unjust to cyclists. Rethink the Station Way scheme
03/2015 Will Bramhill's personal objection to removal of town centre crossings
03/2015 CCC objection to new cycle route
03/2015 Bus consultation
02/2005: Park and ride 1
02/2005 Park and ride 2
06/2015 Tollgate West
10/2015 Response to ECC cycling strategy
10/2015 Cymbeline Final Response
10/2015 Priory Street final response