Cycling and the law

This is an exceptionally complex subject, so — without a second thought — we refer you to the experts at Cycling UK, the national cycling charity. Its special pages include:

Traffic Law and Enforcement

Prosecutors and Courts

Cyclists' Behaviour and the Law

Public Footpaths (NB: different to urban footways)

The Legal Framework and Sentencing Policy

Many people believe that sentencing for traffic offences is espeically lenient; there is also concern that juries made up of motorists are influenced by a general anti-cyclist point of view. To find out more, visit Road Justice.

Other groups that may be able to assist you include the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (to find a driver’s insurer); Living Streets, the walkers’ charity, and RoadPeace, the group for people who have been bereaved as a result of a road collision.

For specialist legal advice concerning cycling, consider joining Cycling UK or British Cycling. Legal cover is included in membership fees. You may also find that you have legal cover on your household insurance, or as part of your credit card package.

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