Should I wear a helmet?

CCC is agnostic on the topic of helmet wearing as the arguments for and against can become heated indeed. The short answer to “should I wear a helmet” is: it's your choice. But not only that, helmet-wearing should remain a matter of choice.

Arguments rage over whether helmets are a good thing or not — and they are not as clear cut as some people expect. Scientists Ben Goldacre and David Spiegelhalter debated the issue in the British Medical Journal in 2013 and came to the conclusion that "the current uncertainty about any benefit from helmet-wearing or promotion is unlikely to be substantially reduced by further research”. True to their word, there has been little if any definitive research since then.

CCC recommends that you take time to review the studies around helmets before deciding whether to wear one or not. Please remember that helmet-wearing is a personal decision: think hard before giving your point of view to others!  

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