Cycling and insurance

Insurance Against Theft

Many people are insured against cycle theft on their household insurance, however, if any of your bikes cost more than £1,000 when new, it may not be covered as standard and your insurer may require you to pay an extra premium. Don't get caught out!

When choosing an insurer, make sure that in the event of a claim it allows you to select a retailer of your choice. Many companies only give vouchers for a specific national store, which is no good if that shop can't replace Old Faithful with a bike of similar spec..

Remember that a claim may push up the cost of your renewal, so it's worth looking after your bike well. A good test of your priorities is to ask yourself whether you should be sleeping with your bike and putting your wife/husband in the shed.

If you don't have household insurance and want to insure your bike, specialist insurers include CycleguardCycling UK and the ETA. There are plenty of other companies, too.

Third-Party Liability and Personal Accident Insurance

You may be covered for third-party liability under your household insurance: check the terms and conditions. If you don't have household insurance, Cycling UK and British Cycling include third-party liability as part of their membership.

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