The best way to learn to ride a bike

Mums and dads! Please don't run behind your child while holding on to their saddle. That way lies tears. Instead, follow the advice and watch this video from Cycling UK.

Most Essex children are introduced to Bikeability lessons in year six of primary school. Bikeability is funded by the Department of Transport and delivered by Essex County Council in partnership with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (Serp). You can find out more via the Serp website.

Not just children, adults too

Calling all adults! Even if you have cycled or driven for years, you will learn something on a Bikeability course. Whether it’s building confidence or brushing up on your road skills, going on a course is well worthwhile.

Safer Essex Roads Partnership often runs free courses. See its site here. They are good people and they will love to hear from you.

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