Picture attribution

CCC have made every effort to use pictures licensed for free use, especially those with Creative Commons licences. Other pictures are from various sources. If we are using a picture of yours without permission, please let us know; be assured we have made every effort to trace the copyright owner.

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Front page picture of female cyclist with child: Likica /Getty Images via iStockphoto ®
Brass bike bell: Lion Bells, author unknown
Giant bicycle wheel: Boon Yew Chew, Creative Commons
Bike wheel with red flowers: Author unknown, http://wallpaperswide.com
Close-up of hub nut and spokes: RJ Roush photography
Leather grips, leather saddle: Umberto Brayj
Roadster handlebars: Unknown
Chainwheel: Leo Reynolds Pedersen Creative Commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/lwr/199417356/
Cog teeth close-up: Ian Harvey, Creative Commons
Cutaway of coaster brake: R├╝cktrittbremse geschnitten Creative Commons
Triumph bike: AndrewDressel. Creative Commons
Spoon brake: Andrew Dressel. Creative Commons
Girl on bike passing park: Roman Bonnefoy, Creative Commons
SAS3X: Unknown, Creative Commons
Sturmey Archer gear changer: Unknown, Creative Commons
Sturmey Archer logo in chrome Robert Couse-Baker, Creative Commons
Campag gear lever: http://overthebarsinmilwaukee.wordpress.com
Dirty wheel with Sturmey hub: Jonathon Ip http://smutpedaller.blogspot.co.uk
Gold bike: Unknown source, http://ebay.com/
Red Raleigh: Unknown source, http://vintagebikecave.com/
Bike in flood: Will Bramhill, Creative Commons
Colchester Castle: George Gastin
Stena Britannica: Pymouss44
Colchester Rovers cyclists: Colchester Rovers
Re-cycle picture: Re-Cycle
Cycle shop: Unknown