Aims and principles

Colchester Cycling Campaign will:
• promote cycling for the public benefit, including liberty and choice; to reduce pollution and dependency on the motor car; to improve the local environment, economy, and public health
• campaign to improve safety for cyclists and other vulnerable road users, especially on the highway
• represent the interests of cyclists in Colchester to councils, highways agencies and other relevant bodies, and
• champion the development of high-quality cycle-friendly infrastructure to national and international standards.

As members of Colchester Cycling Campaign we commit to:
• be positive
• be polite. We will not denigrate others. We will be inclusive in all that we do
• support each other while recognising that we will not always agree
• present ourselves as a unified group pressing for coherent goals
• be supportive of council officers, councillors and others to understand the issues and offer positive solutions
• seek to turn negative expressions into positive outcomes
• hold those in authority to their pledges and strategies
• base our statements on research and data wherever possible
• conduct campaigning initiatives for specific, targeted purposes only
• remain independent of any political party, organisation or group while representing CCC, and
• recognise the need to work with like-minded organisations.

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Page published March 2022